Reto B is a 40 hour program designed for young people of the last grades of public and private schools, which strengthens their character skills, through the design of projects that solve problems suggested by B Corporations in Colombia. This year 70 14-18 year olds are taking part from over 20 different schools.


The process allows students to think of themselves as agents of change, acquiring tools for the formulation and execution of projects. In addition, it helps students gain valuable insights into their professional interests and your life-goals. Throughout the 3 month journey, they have the permanent support of the Coschool team, and the support of corporate volunteers of Bancolombia and representatives of the B Corps that are part of Reto B 2018.


In light of the particular needs for young people in the Colombian context, there are 4 fundamental skills in which we focus that allow a young Colombian to respond to the real-world demands of growing up here. These skills are classified in two segments: “with myself” and “with my reality”. Navigating and exploring these segements, we help participants to learn about their strengths, face the pressures of being a teenager, and give them a chance to build positive projects for their schools and community.


In Reto B we are working with young people from public and private schools in different areas of Bogotá, around issues raised by six B Corps. We got to work this year on September 22nd, and invite you to keep track of the progress this year, which will culminate with a project fair in late November. ¡vamos Reto B!


A huge thank you to our sponsors Choucair Testing and Fundación Bancolombia for their support.