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200 Teachers From Urabá Antioqueño Began Their Training In Social And Emotional Skills Education

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  • 200 teachers from Official Education Institutions in Urabá began their training with Edumoción Móvil (Mobile Education), a blended learning program developed by Coschool and hosted by Platzi, one of the most recognized online education platforms in Latin America.
  • Edumoción Móvil is one of 15 winning proposals worldwide – out of 3000 – that was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundationand Misk Foundation. The proposal was the only one selected from Colombia and one of the three from Latin America.
  • 1,000 teachers from six regions of the country will have been trained by the end of 2019.

We started the implementation of our program Edumoción Móvil in Apartadó. The program seeks to develop educators’ knowledge of social and emotional skills and empower them in the construction of positive learning environments in Colombian classrooms.

“The region of Urabá has reached a historic moment, due to the large number of economic opportunities that exist, but also because of the large number of victims left by conflict in Colombia. With Edumoción Móvil we are building the capacity of teachers to promote the development of social and emotional skills in children and young people. Through education, Colombia can improve competitiveness of its labor market and increase levels of entrepreneurship and economic development. We seek to empower the leaders of a new generation of peace and prosperity, ” Henry May, Founder and CEO of Coschool.

The program, which combines virtual education with face-to-face education sessions, has as key partner in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and further partnerships with more than 15 national organizations, including: Bancolombia FoundationLuker FoundationPuerto Antioquia, Comfenalco AntioquiaNEOFundepalma , Unibán Foundation and Banafrut Corporations.

“We are convinced that a quality education that deliver skills and successful tools to rural youth is key to achieving sustainable employment and economic development. By working directly with the teachers who will educate these young people, we guarantee the empowerment of several generations over time. We also highlight the work of rural teachers and we support them so that they have better practices in the classroom and greater impact “, Lina María Montoya, Executive Director of the Bancolombia Foundation.

The goal in 2019 is to train 1,000 teachers from official educational institutions in six regions of the country.The program combines 12 hours of face-to-face training with 12 hours of virtual training. In order to complete the experience successfully, teachers must invest two hours a week into the online platform.

“This is the great moment for the transformation of education in Urabá. In partnership, we will make it a priority for the region and face development, improving the traditional educational model with the participation of educational communities, through the strengthening of life skills and people’s work, as an exercise of equity and access to opportunities,” said Luis Fernando Suárez Vélez, Manager of the Unibán Foundation.