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By 2023, Coschool is recognized for implementing the most efficient methodology in Colombia for developing social & emotional skills in youth.

At Coschool we prepare children, youth and educators from all over Colombia to face real-life personal and professional challenges of the 21st Century, on their behalf and generating well-being for their communities.

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Who are we?

We are a diverse, international team with a wide range of abilities and experiences.

We innovate in education to contribute to the future of Colombia.

Edumoción MóvilFormación DocenteHabilidades SocioemocionalesMomentosRompehielos
October 16, 2019

¿Qué son los rompehielos y por qué son importantes?

Por Manuela Montoya Sefair, practicante de Comunicaciones  ¿Alguna vez te has enfrentado a una reunión…
Edumoción MóvilFormación DocenteHabilidades SocioemocionalesHow ToMomentos
October 9, 2019

¿Cómo crear ritos y rutinas dentro del aula?

Por Manuela Montoya Sefair, practicante de Comunicaciones Esta semana en Coschool publicamos en nuestras redes…


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