Bogota, May 22nd 2017

CoSchool, a B Corp operating out of Bogotá, Colombia, today reached their target of $15,000 to complete an astonishing crowd-funding campaign following being robbed/defrauded of the entire contents of their bank account on April 2nd. The funds raised from the campaign will go directly towards sponsoring the participation of over 300 youth in “CampCo” – CoSchool’s two week summer camp for low-income students from 20-30 June.

CoSchool are celebrating after completing a dramatic turnaround in their fortunes. The organization is three and a half years old and has won prizes locally and internationally for its work in developing character & leadership skills in over 7000 young people and teachers.

They launched the campaign on April 10th in the wake of falling victims to fraud on Sunday 2nd April. The incident left them with just $300 USD (approx.. $1,000,000 COP) in their account: a perilous position for CoSchool, who are currently running projects in Bogotá, Cali, and La Guajira for over 300 students & teachers.

They decided to use the incident to create a wave of positive action and set the target of $15,000 knowing that raising such an amount would allow them to run a first “rural CampCo” just outside Bogotá in La Calera. CampCo is a program that provides 5th grade students from public schools the opportunity to develop key character & leadership skills ahead of the transition to high school. Since 2014, CoSchool have run CampCo every year. This will be the first time they have run 3 Camps simultaneously. The Camp supported by the campaign will take place in Colegio Tilatá and impact positively over 70 students and their families, most of whom have never taken part in a holiday camp of this kind before.

CEO, Henry May said: “We decided to launch the campaign for two reasons: firstly, to be transparent with our community. We were suffering and we needed help. Secondly, we wanted to get on the front foot and turn the story into something positive. Lots of the research behind what we do demonstrates how developing these skills can be vital stepping stones for at-risk youth to avoid getting involved in criminal activity, so it made sense to just re-focus on work. Extending CampCo’s impact self like the right way to respond to the criminals. The response has been incredible and we are so grateful for all the donations and messages we received”.

CoSchool received donations to their campaign ranging between $10 USD and $1500 USD and received support from Colombia the UK, USA, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Argentina, Mexico and many other countries.

Crowdfunding is a concept that has struggled to get off the ground in Colombia and social projects in the country have struggled to rally support for their causes online. CoSchool looked to have bucked that trend, reaching over $15,000 in just 5 weeks. It is believed to be a record amount for crowdfunding a social project in Colombia.

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