We at Co•School were really excited this week by the publication of ‘The Character and Resilience Manifesto’ in the UK. It was fantastic to see the topic of character building in education covered extensively by the BBC and receive widespread interest in the UK. Brilliant!

The report was published by The All Party Parliamentary group on Social Mobility (with ‘Character Counts’ the Centreforum) and is a thorough claim for the need to improve the way we teach character in schools. The report’s 6 recommendations toThe Government regarding schools are things that Co•School are doing in Colombia – linking private and perimary schools, providing clear character building opportunities through extra curricular activities, and measuring the progress of students in these skills.

They draw upon research undertaken at KIPP schools in the USA (like we do) and they have clearly read Paul Tough’s excellent book ‘How children succeed’ (so have we).An interesting take-away from the report is that we have to stop referring to these character strengths as ‘soft skills’, and thinking of them as immeasurable. They are vital skills that we have to develop in our children (and adults?) and we need to unshackle ourselves from the fear of measuring them and sharing these measurements with children. The world of education is waking up to the importance of character building and linking private and public schools to achieve this. We at Co•School whole heartedly the report and look forward to being part of the changing landscape of education in Colombia and the UK (one day!).

The report can be downloded below – highly recommended for any school leaders.


[gview file="http://coschool.co/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/character-and-resilience.pdf"]