We work with youth and educators

We work with youth and educators

It’s time for education in Colombia to become a priority. To achieve this, we must accept that the traditional educational model needs to think about social-emotional learning, about preparing people for life, work and developing their full potential.

Our methodology, EDUMOTION, has three components: FEEL, THINK, ACT. Learning through EDUMOTION is no only about using the brain; it encourages learning through feelings, sensations, action, self-exploration and learning from others.

Our Philosophy

We shape strong decision makers

We transform educators into multipliers

We seek to reduce the gap between the soft skills people have and what the job market needs

We understand the challenges of the future and imagine the world we will have in 2030, not the one we had in 1980

We draw inspiration from the best international practices but always understand deeply the local contexts in which we work

We bring together young people from different backgrounds (e.g. mixing public and private schools)

We focus relentlessly on high quality pedagogy

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