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Coschool Is Part of the 40 Transformers of Colombia!

By July 4, 2019 No Comments

By Education Week


Four years ago, Coschool was created in Colombia. This initiative seeks to prepare young people and educators in the country to face the challenges of everyday life in the 21st century. Through support to the education system that includes processes of socio-emotional education based on its Edumoción methodology, it is committed to post-conflict education, training young people to learn to be better human beings so that they lead and be the generation of peace.

Coschool has designed and implemented an innovative methodology in which young people experience learning in three moments: feeling, thinking and acting. It works hand in hand with allies of the private sector and the public sector, delivering relevant tools and influencing public policies regarding socio-emotional education.

“We want to help prepare young people for the real world, to be able to solve problems, contribute from their strengths and think critically. We seek to achieve teamwork, that is flexible, pleasant and empathetic,” said Henry May, general director and co-founder of Coschool.

Since 2014, they have worked with almost 15,000 young people and more than 2,000 teachers throughout the country in places such as Urabá, Cali, La Guajira, and Arauca.

They expect 2019 to be the most important year for the initiative because they have won three big calls with the Gates Foundation, Templeton Foundation, and Botnar Foundation. This means that they will bring 1 million dollars to Colombia to innovate in the development of socio-emotional skills in the next three years.