Coschool is internationally recognized for its positive impact of the last year

“B Corp Best for the World: Changemakers’  is the the recognition that has been given out in the United States today to Coschool for having improved its socio-environmental impact in the year 2017.

The recognition was made by the NGO B Lab (USA), to those Certified B Corporations that, being economically profitable, also work to better the world, and demonstrate that businesses can be used as a force for positive change.

Coschool is a certified B Corporation that has measured its social and environmental performance with the online tool Evaluation of B Lab, and detected opportunities for improvement, which have allowed it to be recognized internationally among more than 2,500 Certified B Companies worldwide.

Coschool was highlighted in the category “Best for Changemakers” which includes just 10% of companies that improved in different areas of the company: Workers, Community, Customers, Environment and Governance. Coschool entered this list thanks to practices such as its programs Campco, Cotrain and Colead that look to help youth and teachers reach their potential.

“Best For The World” is not a recognition to perfect companies nor is it a ranking, but aims to be a clear incentive to continue improving the impact generated by companies and building a new, more transparent and humane economy” said Juan Pablo Larenas , co-founder and Executive Director of Sistema B Internacional, an allied organization of B Lab that promotes triple impact companies and Empresas B in Latin America. The selection criteria are available at

The list of B Companies highlighted in Latin America and the world in the different categories can be found here:

Measure and improve with the B Impact Assessment:

The B Impact Assessment is the tool that the United Nations (UN) has chosen to bring private companies closer to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This tool is used by Empresas B to certify and evaluate the social and environmental performance of a company, its relationships with employees, diversity, its relationship with the local community, the impact of products or services on its customers, its governance, among others.