Nicole Bruskewitz

I would like everyone to have access to quality education regardless of their social class or their economic resources. I would like education to be something meaningful for young people and for them to have a say in what "meaningful" means.

They know better than any adult what motivates them to learn.

I love people. People and their processes of learning to be in this world are an endless source of fascination for me.

I always want to explore new places, cook, eat; I make all types of salads and could write an ode to vegetables every day.

Amelie is my favorite fiction film and I am obsessed with cooking series in Netflix like the Chef’s Table. I also like documentaries like Salt of the Earth (about photography).

In Colombia everyone should visit the Paramo. Sumpaz, Parque los Nevados, Chingaza. The paramo is a magical ecosystem. Providencia also has a fascinating cultural heritage. Its people and its sea are beautiful.