Cristina Álvarez

The best thing about working in education is contributing to the future of the people and the country. It gives you the opportunity to be coherent: the very essence of the human being is not mere learning as it is learning from others (Savater). I would change the approach to education in Colombia. Defining progress exclusively on the results of standardized tests is not appropriate. The world is unpredictable and dynamic, and this world is demanding global citizens, collaborative leaders. These skills are learned through the development of socio-emotional skills.

I love spending time with my children, family and friends, working with and for people, especially young people under 30; learning and unlearning from people I know and don´t know, laughing, traveling, reading, taking care of my plants, discovering new restaurants, listening to music, dancing, watching Netflix series, appreciating my dog, walking, cherishing spaces of silence, meditation, and giving thanks .