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Above all, we want to reach youth and prepare them for the real world, which needs people who are capable of solving problems, contributing their talents, and thinking critically. We also aim to help them be people who are able to work in teams, and who are adaptable, grateful and empathetic.

At Coshool, we try to practice what we preach, so with think it is important that our team knows that Coschool is a business where each person and grow, express themselves and tell their emotional truths.

This is us:


My name is Angélica Rodríguez and I am the Sub-Director of Alliances at Coschool


My name is Cristina Álvarez and I am the director of Alliances at Coschool


My name is Lorena Salazar and I am the Sub-Director of Finance at Coschool


My name is Henry May and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Coschool


My name is Nicole Bruskewitz and I am the Director of Education at Coschool


My name is Felipe Orduz Gutiérrez and I am Sub-Director of Operation in Coschool

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February 2019

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