5 Steps to Strengthen Self-Control and Determination

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If you have a goal to reach and you constantly ask yourself why it has been so difficult for you to reach it, we recommend you implement the WOOP strategy.

  1. Write on a sheet the word WOOP, very large.
  1. Think of a goal or wish you have and write it below the W of your sheet, which represents Wish or “deseo”. Important: this goal must represent a challenge, but it must be achievable and it must be something very important for you. For this initial exercise, think of something you can accomplish in the medium term, in one or two years. (Example: I will go to the gym three times a week).
  1. Close your eyes and imagine how it would feel to meet that goal. What sensations or emotions awakens in you the fulfillment of that desire? What happens? Who are you with? Write this below the O of Outcome or “resultado”. (Example: I would feel satisfied and proud of myself for achieving it).
  1. Think of an obstacle that may prevent you from reaching that goal. But, be careful, it must be something internal. It cannot be a lack of time, hard work, lack of resources, etc. Take the time to identify that internal something that prevents you from achieving what you want. Write it under the following O of Obstacle or “obstáculo”. (Example: I prefer to be with my partner than to go to the gym).
  1. Finally, think of a plan that allows you to overcome the obstacle you just identified. Attention: think of an action that is effective to overcome the obstacle. Write it using the following structure: “If …, then I …”

Use this strategy to strengthen your socio-emotional skills of self-control and determination, and thus achieve your goals faster than you imagine.