Our goal:

Unleash the potential of Colombian youth to feel, think, and act collectively.

At Coschool, we prepare children, youth and educators in Colombia to face the personal and professional challenges of the XXI Century to contribute to individual and collective wellbeing.

Who are we?

We are diverse, international team with a wide range of abilities and experiences.

We innovate in education to contribute to the future of Colombia.

Educación EmocionalEdumoción
October 5, 2018

COSCHOOL: Una apuesta por la educación emocional.

Latin American Post habló con Nicole Bruskewitz sobre esta iniciativa que busca traer inteligencia emocional…
BCorpProjectsRETO B
October 2, 2018

Creating change with RETO B

Reto B is a 40 hour program designed for young people of the last grades…
Niños y Jóvenes/Educadores

Fortalecemos las habilidades de los niños y jóvenes porque están en un momento importante de sus vidas.

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